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Twas the Day After Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house
The Devons were looking for a snack or a mouse.
The tree was still lit all shiny and bright,
With boxes and ribbons, oh my what a sight!

They pulled at the lights, the ornaments and tree
And having as much fun as Christmas should be!
The stockings were pulled from the chimney with glee,
The Devons would drag them to under the tree!

The morning was merry, the kids were up quick
Santa had been here and up to his tricks.
A new toy for Chicken
A collar for Roo
For Devlin a snacks jar, and bed that is new

The Devons found boxes and wrapping galore.
Far better than any cat toy at the store!
But late in the day, the cats were out cold
The house was a mess, the truth to be told.

Then, all settled down for a post-Christmas snooze
Well fed, well played and with not much to do.
Merry Christmas to all, to those you keep near,
And from Planet Devon a Happy New Year!

As part of our wishes for a wonderful New Year, our Planet Devon Shop has discounted all items through January 3rd.

Devonly Greetings

We are home from the International Cat Show, unpacked and ready to tackle the holiday season. It was terrific to meet so many online friends IRL – in real life! Planet Devon enjoyed being there, and hope you enjoyed seeing little Baci, and all the goodies Planet Devon has to offer.

As we come up on the end of 2017, Planet Devon wants to thank all our fans, followers, “likers” and friends! The end of the year is a good time to reflect and appreciate the things that make life special and meaningful. For Planet Devon, this means you!

Please stop by and consider a Planet Devon gift for your friends or family. Enjoy the holiday spirit of love and gratitude. Stay safe, love your people and your cats and take a moment to just be. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to all, with love and purrs from Planet Devon.

Cats with curls? More than the Devon Rex!

The Devon Rex is our favorite, but there are a number of cats with curls. You can know which ones have a curly coat by looking for the name “REX” in the breed. There is Selkirk Rex, Tennessee Rex, Cornish Rex, and our personal favorite, Devon Rex. How can you tell these cats apart? Are they related?

But what is the difference? Your answers are here! This article:



Nicely lays out some of the differences…

Each breed has a different genetic mutation. Interesting right?


And cute as the dickens!

Enjoy your Summer, and keep your cool cats cool!


As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. Ellen Perry Berkeley

What are your plans for the weekend? How about attending a cat show?

At a cat show each cat is placed in the ring, in an individual cage. The Judge takes the cats and kittens out, one at a time, and evaluated the head, coat, color, eyes and body of the cat, as measured against the standard for that breed. The cats then are awarded prizes based on the Judge’s decision. Each win adds points to the cats’ total for the year, and at the end of the year there are yearly award for the bests of each breed and category. Go see a cat show! It is an inexpensive way to have fun with the kids or friends, meet new and interesting people, and see cats you have never seen before!

So where are the cat shows?

Here in Southern California, the Pet Expo is happening at the same time as the Kat Knappers’/Purr Pourri  show at the Orange County Fair and Event Center. Learn more here. 

Or… The Santa Monica Cat Club is having a show in Pomona… details here. 

For the East Coasters… in Boston there is the BosCats show!  Where? Here!

Other shows around the world can be found at the TICA Show calendar.

There are also shows in Medina Ohio, and Springfield, IL. Here’s the CFA Calendar.


Find out why purebred cats might be a good choice for your family! Support the breeders who help strengthen the various and beautiful felines we love so much!

Here Kitty, Kitty! How to find a lost pet…

It might sound simple or like it could ever happen…, but our loved fur-babies do, sometimes…, slip out the door! My own Bumper makes a game of slipping past me as I enter my home. Thankfully it’s just his little power play – he sniffs, looks at me then comes back inside.

But sometimes they get away. Scared, let out of the yard/home by workers, or simply bored and mischievous… pets get lost. If you haven’t invested in a high-tech tracker gadget, you need to recruit others to help find Fluffy (or Fido!)

Log in to your local Nextdoor.com mailing list. But for more help, here are some tips…

from Lifehacker. (Thank you to Lifehacker and author Patrick Allen!)

If you have found a pet, check for a microchip. Feel for a small hard bit, about the size of a grain of rice around the shoulder area of the animal. Most vets will assist by determining if there is a chip, and reading it if there is – Usually a chipped animal has a phone number contact as part of the info on that chip, and an owner or responsible breeder will respond.

Of course the best solution is to make sure your pet is safe and secure. But isn’t it nice to know there are ways to help?

Devon Heaven is next weekend. If you are near Monroeville PA, consider stopping by the show!

Devon Heaven!

Graphic of Devon Heaven Cat Show in Monroeville, PA Blog Post

Every couple of years the Devon community comes together in its mischievous glory to celebrate and honor our amazing (and amusing) cats. The event is called Devon Heaven, and it is an awards banquet held one evening after a Saturday cat show.

The theme for this year’s Devon Heaven is Devon Valentines, and it will be a part of the Steel City Cat Show on February 11, in Monroeville, PA. (Show flyer here!) The banquet is only open to Devon Rex Breed Club members, but promises to be a fun, memorable and raucous good time! There is a live auction fundraiser with wildly entertaining auctioneers, Curlydolls’ own Dolly Chamness and Melanie “Vanna White” Bell.

And yes, there is a costume contest! (Pictures from the 2015 Devon Heaven can be found here!)

But you can only attend if you are a member of the Devon Rex Breed Club. Click here to join now! (Support the efforts of the Breed Club to develop and improve the cat we love so much!) The fee is reasonable and is a worthy cause!

If you just love Devons, consider attending the cat show! You may never again see so many Devons in the ring at one time! The show is held at the Monroeville Convention Center 209 Mall Plaza Boulevard Monroeville, PA 15146 on Feb. 11 and 12. There is a small fee for admission, to support the Steel City Cat Club who sponsored the show. There will be 6 rings, many beautiful cats and a TON of Devons! Black, red, calico, silver, shaded and smokes. Big ones, small ones, kittens and cats. Devons galore!

The show is not to be missed! Find a friend and come out and some of the best Devons in the world! (This is also a terrific chance to meet the breeders of these fine cats, find out about ownership and kitten availability or possibly to pick up your new kitten – by prior arrangement!)

But if you own a Devon, every day is Valentine’s Day!


“Love is Love” is exclusive Planet Devon art by Wichita artist Elizabeth Winterbone. Her work is featured here at Planet Devon. You can see more of her art made with love at her site, elizabethwinterbone.com. She specializes in custom folk art tailored to you – monograms, personal cards, artistic renderings of meaningful family recipes, etc. All of the art seen on items in the Planet Devon gift shop is exclusive to Planet Devon, and any piece is available as a beautiful gicleé print, suitable for framing.

Are you a member?

Photo of Devon Rex kitten.

Have you considered joining the Devon Rex Breed Club? If you love these cats as much as we do, please consider joining! The DRBC is committed to ethical and responsible breeding of these sweet little elves! Membership is for owners and lovers of these sweet little cats. The DRBC was founded in 1979 and is an international breed club, recognized by CFA. Join today, and take a look at all the valuable information about the Devon Rex at the DRBC website!




Christmas Tree Safety with Devons!

Photo of 3 Devon Rex kittens with santa hats.

Who hasn’t had a Devon get into a little mischief at Christmas! Our friends at WikiHow have posted the instructions for cat-proofing your Christmas Tree. It doesn’t address teethings that hang on the tree, (No tinsel!) But… it’s a comprehensive guide for keeping your kitty safe and your tree gorgeous!


Visit Wikihow for more information!

Don’t forget to stop by the Planet Devon Shop for exclusive Devon Art items, for the Devon lover on your list!

Why buy a pedigreed cat?

The primary reason to buy a pedigreed cat is because there is some characteristic of the breed — its coat, look or personality – that a person admires. Persians have long, luxurious coats and very mellow, laid-back personalities. Abyssinians have a short, easily maintained coat, and a busy, inquisitive personality. Continue reading “Why buy a pedigreed cat?”