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Why buy a pedigreed cat?

http://www.laderaranchdentistry.com/bistrota/6578 The primary reason to buy a pedigreed cat is because there is some characteristic of the breed — its coat, look or personality – that a person admires. Persians have long, luxurious coats and very mellow, laid-back personalities. Abyssinians have a short, easily maintained coat, and a busy, inquisitive personality.


http://www.airlinetest.com/?milyokrt=partnersuche-lindenberg-im-allg%C3%A4u&901=45 The Devon Rex is popular for several reasons — it’s short, curly coat and minimal shedding are distinctive characteristics; the Devon is not hypoallergenic, BUT… persons allergic to other cats or animals can tolerate a Devon. The Devon’s elfin face is virtually unique among cats, and the Devon’s highly curious, active and talkative nature is prized by many admirers of the breed.


go to site When purchasing a pedigreed cat, you get much more than a piece of paper (the pedigree) — you also get an right to make certain expectations of the cat’s looks, personality, and characteristics that you don’t get with non-pedigreed cats. When you purchase a cat from a responsible and reputable Breeder who is active in the showing community, you should get a cat from a line whose ancestors were judged as to how well they met the standards of the breed, and which has been part of a program designed to breed healthy and robust examples of the breed in question. You will get a cat from a Breeder intentionally weeding out undesirable characteristics or issues from the line. You will know the “story” of your kitten’s family line, and your cat will be registered with a cat organization as a purebred.

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