It’s Kitten Season!

Did you know there even was a kitten season? Many breeders plan their litters around the Cat Show season, from about July through May-June. That means kittens are born in the summer so they can go off to their new homes at the end of summer and early Fall.

New kittens are being exposed to so many new things every single day! Think about it – the vacuum, the family, the new places to hide and get stuck! As you begin to play, it is important not to overwhelm your kitten – if he feels safe and secure he will be a much happier kitten, a more confident cat and will probably overwhelm you!

Make sure you have plenty of places for kitty to scratch. Kittens and cats scratch by instinct – they do it to trim their nails and make a space their own… in my home I have 6-7 places they can scratch, all in different areas of the house. I have not once had a problem with scratching where they aren’t allowed!

Finally, make sure your kitten or cat has access to their litter box at all times. I came home once to find that someone left the closet (where the litter box is) closed and kitties couldn’t get in to their toilet! Cats want to use the litter box, and when they aren’t doing so it is a sign that something is wrong…

Many new kitten people already have names for their new babies… sometimes though, the name you choose just doesn’t fit!

Happy Kitten Season to you all!