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Rebecca Ansari

About our cattery

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DEVONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. Please consider applying now to get on my waiting list; announcements will not go up for specific kittens until they are a few months old but you can talk to me now. If the waiting list has enough people to cover the number of kittens designated as pet quality, it is unlikely i will put up a litter-specific announcement.

Kittens are evaluated and go to homes in this order: 1) stay here as future breeding adults, 2) other breeders, 3) pet homes. (Reputable breeders work to improve the breed, “backyard” breeders produce litters so there will be pet kittnens to sell.) I am looking for people that want to contribute to the Devon Rex breed by staying in touch and keeping the lines of communication open. The information from yearly vet checkups and pictures is vital. For me, this point is critical. Will you work with me? Ideally, I am looking for people that will use the private Facebook group that I have for owners of my Devons and share a folder on the Cloud for medical records and pictures.

Transportation: you must pick up from my home in the Twin Cities or the expenses for me to deliver to your home must be paid, in advance, by you. I will not ship cargo, ever. Before my cat passes from my care to yours, I want you to have the in-person opportunity to observe your future family member and see the health of the cat. If you choose to go with a breeder that ships, please be aware of the USDA regulations in place for your protection:

To begin my application process, message me on Facebook (Rebecca M Ansari – or send me an email and let me know:

1) how your interest in Devons came about,
2) if you are interested in kittens or retired adults,
3) what your household is like; what other animals live there, how often no one is home
4) Tell me you phone number and ask any questions you have for me. If you think you might like to show or breed at some point in the future, please let me know that as well.

It is of course possible to contact me via email, but I will be open that the ability to communicate on Facebook is one of the things I’m looking for. One step in my application process involves my private Facebook group for people that have a Devon from me. If you can’t or won’t access that group, then we have a problem.

Devons do best in a home where there is more than one Devon so I am reluctant to place one in a home where he or she will be alone. A home that wants two proven buddies and a home that already has a Devon will always rise to the top of my waiting list before other homes. I will not place in a home where both the people are gone for the bulk of the day and there is no other cat or dog; that is not an ideal environment for a Devon Rex cat.

I am operating under the assumption that you have read all of the very good information on the page of this website which tells you about buying a pedigreed kitten/cat.

If you are new to pedigreed cats or is has been many years since you brought home your Devon, please read the pricing information in the Planet Devon article, “Getting a Pedigreed Kitten”: Specifically, the placement fee I ask of you covers some vaccination shots, registration papers and other related expenses. More broadly, the placement fee goes towards the ongoing expenses of a cattery such the large amounts of food required by breeding and nursing mamas and rapidly growing kittens, acquiring distantly related Devons to minimize inbreeding depression factors, airfare in moving breeding cats to and from other catteries, stud fees, litter, all the expenses (hotels, travel, etc.) of showing cats and, of course, vet bills that can easily be $500-$1000 in only one visit.

I started in Devons in 2000 with my first show cat, a neutered male named Desert Waves Sean Sidhe of Barashta. You can see photos of Sean and many of my other cats: click here for photo gallery.

Due to personal issues, in 2005 I had to put my breeding program on hold for a few years. I’m once again able to devote time and attention to a cattery and am showing and having litters born. To those of you that started breeding Devons while I was in hiatus, a pretty standard question would be to want to know who my mentor is. Sadly, my mentor in Devons, Mary Robinson, has passed away. Mary imported some of the first Devon Rex to North America. I’d love to get to know new breeders!

ACFA 2001-2001 – Int’l 2nd Best Devon Rex Alter – Desert Waves Sean Sidhe of Barashta
ACFA 2002-2003 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – TGC Capilano’s Arafel of Barashta
ACFA 2003-2004 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Kitten – Barashta’s Ariel

ACFA 2011-2012 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – Barashta’s Princess Aspasia

ACFA 2012-2013 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – GRC Barashta’s Point Too Far ‘Farah’
– Int’l 2nd Best Devon Rex Cat – Barashta’s Princess Aspasia

ACFA 2013 – Became Devon Rex Breed Chair in ACFA

Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul area, MN, US
Associations: ACFA, CFA