Tina Chittick

About our cattery

My Devons are raised under foot and under the covers and are never caged. Kittens are properly socialized and loved. My queens only have 1 to 4 litters and retire by age 3 or 4. My studs retire at age 3 so that all breeding cats may have the opportunity to live a wonderful life as a beloved pet getting all of the attention. I mostly get pointed and mink colors since they are my favorite colors. I also commonly get cinnamon, all solid colors, tortoiseshells, calicos, some tabby and some bi colors. I also occasionally have straight coated Devon hybrid kittens available for love and/or showing in Household Pet classes that have full, wonderful Devon personalities but a fraction fo the cost. My cats are screened for HCM, luxating patellas and hip dysplasia.

Health Screening

Yes, contract and health guarantee

Shipping Policy and Practice

Shipping available weather permitting. I has to be 65 to 85 degrees.

Refund Policy

Refund offered depending on the situation and current age of cat or kitten being returned

Assistance with return, rescue or re-homing of your own cats?


Written application for a potential buyer

Location: IA, US
Associations: CFA, ACFA and Devon Rex Breed Club
P: 319 363-7343


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