Cynthia Schroedel


Cynthia Schroedel

About our cattery

We work with Pointeds, minks and other regular colors. All of my breeder cats have been genetically tested and are free of any harmful genetic issues.

Health Screening

Yes, health guarantee

Shipping Policy and Practice

We do not ship unattended. Personal hand delivery can be arranged if needed for an additional cost based on distance from Arkansas

Refund Policy

Kittens may be returned for any reason for a full refund for one week. Any one allergic will not make it that long. Cats maybe returned to us any time in their life but no refund will be given a good home will be supplied.

Assistance with return, rescue or re-homing of your own cats?


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June, 10 2022


41 weeks/Male

Flame Pointed Male Kittens born 8/4/17

August, 04 2017

GRCH Nightmagic Count Choculla of Lochmaere seal point m

294 weeks/Male

July Kittens 2016

July, 07 2016

350 weeks/Male

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Location: Aurora, IL, US
Associations: ACFA, CFA,TICA,CCA
P: 630.450.4012

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