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About our cattery:

Neon-Cat, with the friendliest cats and kittens in the whole USA, has been involved with Devon Rex since 1994. Here, our Devons grow up in a clean, neat, home environment with lots of love and attention. Even the studs roam freely in their own large bedroom. The Devons enjoy the companionship of other kitties and their canine friends. Please check the Kitten section here for available kittens. Placed locally, kittens may go to responsible pet owners beginning at 14 weeks of age. Neon-Cat's standard contract calls for the kittens to be kept indoors and treated like royalty. All Neon-Cats leave home healthy. Pets are spayed or neutered here prior to adoption. Although the occurrence of genetic defects is extremely unlikely, Neon-Cats are warranted against genetic problems. From time-to-time there are some males and females available to established breeders. [profile entered 9/99, Thank You Planet Devon!!!]

location: Texas, United States
breeder: Marian Gooding
associations: CFA
contact us: phone 817-377-2015
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Four new babies - girls and boys (Texas)

By marian gooding - Posted on 14 July 2012

Hi all!


Here are new baby Devon Rex, two are 7 weeks old and the others 6 weeks old.

There are more photos availabe on my website plus a few new pics of some very cute boys and girls now 9 weeks old.


Neon-Cat Devon Rex


Sat, 2012-05-26
red tabby & white

Lexie - three-year-old adult - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

By marian gooding - Posted on 26 May 2012

Lexie is a gorgeous silver patched tabby & white girl who was recently spayed. She'd like to be spoiled in a new home. She will be three on July 22, 2012. Lexie is super-sweet and in good health.

Local placement or pick-up here only (DFW).

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Neon-Cat Devon Rex


almost 3

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